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Mrs Murphy is a local gossip.You met her last week and she told you a lot of news about your neighbors. Write what she told you using Reported Speech.


She said I love you boy , I love you so
She said I love you baby, oh oh oh oh
She said I love you more than words can say
She said I love you ba-ay-ay-ay-by

So I said, what you’re saying girl it can’t be right
How can you be in love with me
We only just met tonight
So she said, boy I loved you from the start
When I first heard love goes down
Something started burning in my heart
I said stop this crazy talk
And leave right now and close the door

She said boy I love you boy I love you so
She said I love you baby oh oh oh oh
She said I love you more than words can say
She said I love you ba-ay-ay-ay-by (yes you did)

So now up in the courts
Pleading my case from the witness box
Telling the judge and jury the same thing that I said to the cops
On the day that I got arrested
I’m innocent I contested
She just feels rejected
Had her heart broken by someone she’s obsessed with
Cos she likes the sound of my music
Which makes her a fan of my music
That’s why love goes down not to lose it
Cos she can’t separate the man from the music
And I’m saying all this in the stand
While girl cries tears from the galleries
Got bigger than I ever could have planned
Like that song by the Zutons Valerie
So the jury don’t look like their buying it
And it’s making me nervous
And I’m just screw faced like I’m trying it
Their eyes fixed on me like a murderer’s
They wanna lock me up
And throw away the key
They wanna send me down

Even though I told them she…

She said I love you boy
I love you so
She said I love you baby oh oh oh oh (yes you did)

She said I love you more than words can say
She said I love you ba-ay-ay-ay-by

So I said why the hell you gotta treat me this way
You don’t know what love is
You wouldn’t do this if you did
Oh no no no no


Direct Question Reported Question
“Do you love me?” He asked me if I loved him.
“Have you ever been to Mexico?” She asked me if I had ever been to Mexico.
“Are you living here?” She asked me if I was living here.
Direct Question Reported Question
“Where is the Post Office, please?” She asked me where the Post Office was.
“What are you doing?” She asked me what I was doing.
“Who was that fantastic man?” She asked me who that fantastic man had been.

Click here to practise reported ‘wh’ questions.



1 “Choose a job you love”, John told Jennifer.  John told Jennifer _______________

2 “How __________ do you watch TV online?” “I do it at least four times _______ week.”

3  Last year, a research team ___________ (find) signs that the amount of oil left in the world’s reserves  has  decreased ____________(significant) since the 1990s!

4  Don’t spend too __________ time __________ (try) to memorize the dates!
5 The teacher asked the students: “Did you write a summary of the lesson for your
last exam?” The teacher wanted to know ___________________________________________.

7  According to the World Health Organization, more ___________ 1.2 million lives _________(lose) in accidents every year

8 The robot car was invented ___________________ Sebastian Thrun, ______ engineer who works for Google.

9  Naming your baby is one of ____________________ (important) tasks you will ever face. A silly name     may affect you and your child _____ ever!

10  No one _______ (like) having their name constantly _________________ (mispronounce), that’s  for sure.

11 .I wish you _________(come) up to the party tomorrow.

  1. I_____________________(study) when she came in.

13.At the beginning of the 20th century, a prominent scientist, _________ was born in1854, spent a considerable  part of   _________ fortune  trying to produce   diamonds.



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