Posted on: marzo 1, 2009


Can you make your predictions? Let’s see if  you have similar or completely different ideas about life at that time

Do you want to know your future? Watch this video. Listen carefully because you have to interact with the fortune teller. Hope you have a good time .

Please, let me know what the Fortune Teller has told you and what you think about it. In English, of  course.


14 comentarios to "ESSAY ABOUT THE FUTURE"

I think humanity will die in a nuclear world war or disease because the few natural resources and the rich nations have got nuclear arms.

many species will be extingued by the change of the climate and the humanity actions
we will have less natural resources
we will have vaccine for diseases that actually we haven’t got vaccine
the technology will be more sophiticated

Hey Nines! I guess that I´ve choosen the same option as you because I heard the same as you talked about this morning! First, I could listen one of my favourites songs, Pachelbell´s canon!!! On the other hand I think that this song shouldn´t sound in this video because the stuffs that this guy said me were humbugs. He said that I´ll have a new family member and it will be fantastic. While he was telling me that his mobile phone rung. When he put down the mobile phone he changed his opinion and he said me that I´ll be rich. That´s all. Anyway when I listened this video the first time, I couldn´t understand anything! I only understood “grrrr” and “grrrr” and “grrr”. Then I tried to listen again and I understood the same as first time, nothing, I listened a lot of nonsenses.


Hello nines my future is strange. my future will be sensual XDD
I will have a new cuople. i prefer to be rich and happy


Hiii! This strange man says that i’ll be rich, with a very big family.. but i don’t think so, all this is false!!



uUUUuuu nobody knows it… xDD

I don’t know…

The …(avances) in tecnology will have increase a lot…

I don’t have imagination

Hi Nines

The Fortune Teller is very strange but he is very funny.
He said me that I’m going to have a new family member, I hope not because my family is very wide.
He said me thay I’m going to get married very soon, it’s imposible because I haven’t got a boyfriend and I don’t want get married soon.
And he said me that I’m going to be rich, this is possible if I play the lottery.

This future essay is the most perfect, her teacher should give a 10, she deserve it 🙂

And the video of “Fortune Teller,” I prefer to reserve the prediction, because if I say you, it’ll not happen jajajaja

I don’t care about how can be the life in 2150… Because I will have been dead. However if I must do a comment about this topic I’ll do it.
The world will be a freaky´s world. You should have a look at teenagers… and at some adults too. Freakies are in all places that you can go. A few days later I read a magazine which explain you that is because of species´ variability. This is the basis of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. He stated a revolutionary theory which is too difficult for me to explain it in English. Anyway he said something like this: “Species are more different than yesterday and tomorrow they will be more different again than today” This is because of the variability. I think this theory is useful for people because 80 or100 years ago they are so similar and now… we are some different. Finally I think the world will be a world with plenty of freaky people.


The Fortune Teller has told me that I’ll have a new member in the family, my family is for me the best in the world and that everything will be wonderful and great. Then someone called him and he said that I will be rich XD.
I think that the new member in the family can’t be true, that my family is the most important is true.
Well some people may have “powers” but this is a very good parody.


hi, nice video is very interestin. In my opinion the future will be dificul because the polute is very danger. If we want evolve, we will have to change.

hi, nice video is very interestin. In my opinion the future will be dificul because the polute is very danger. If we want evolve, we will have to change.

Hello nines, i couldn’t see the video at my home…U.u’

I think that in a future everything will work with tecnology, and nowadays nobody is concious of our world, so we must to look after the world.

The Fortune Taller told me that I´m married with my boyfrien for love and I´m go live in Italy,it´s possible becouse my yncle live in Italy

The fortune Teller told me that I will live a good life, a very happy life, life for ever. In conclusion, all there

This Guy has told me that I have fans and they were watching videos that I have made.He also has told me that I was moving my toes but I wasn’t doing that.


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