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timetoremember2I’m a bit disappointed today because I didn’t have the chance to go to the talk you had with two holocaust survivors who came to our school to share their experiences , so I’d like you to tell me about their stories, what impact they made on you, your feelings about what you heard, what you didn’t know about the Holocaust,what you have learnt and what emotions you felt when listening to their traumatic experiences …

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El holocausto pasó por España


Uff! They´ve been talking for a long time… two hours!!! I´ll write you tomorrow, when I´ll have put in order all my feelings. Their stories were exciting… I´m really thunderstruck.

Good night!

The talk was really interesting.
It really has been impressive. However much we think about the atrocities they did, I really do not realize they could get to do.
I think that as they missed to the people out of the schools, that’s terrible. Treating people as if there was anything, full of prejudice to the people… although it sounds a bit dramatic, I haven’t words to express that I have that.
How were the soldiers,as the soldiers laughed at them, as the soldiers treated the people or experimenting with them…
The stories were so cruel that seemed surreal. Although I thought I knew something about that, I really knew nothing. I felt really sad, and you can’t imagine how they suffered and luckily they are alive.
I hope it never repeat anything like this.
And without being cruel, the people who think that, just should not exist.
I am glad that they could tell us their experiences and feelings.

Have a nice weekend!


First i’m going to write a little of the stories that the 2 survivors from the holocaust told us.

One of them was picked up only with 8 or 9 years old with his mum, he didn’t realise what was happening until his mum died, so he was hiden because all the kids were killing, but one day they found him, but they didn’t kill him because he was blond hair and blue eyes, too all the woman protected him, and when he was moved with the mens there was a gay men and when he appeared all the men protected him…

Someday they were moved to another Concentration camp in train,and there a lot of people died…but he was cover with blankets and he survivor. he doesn’t know, how he leave the train…

When he arrived to the Concentration camp all the people had to cut the hair, but he started to shout and said that his hair will not be cut and the german started to smile, and told him that ok…

He was with the tifus, and the german started to experiment with him and they safe him.

I don’t remember more…

The other men was picked up with 20 year old…(i think) and they had to be strong, without dissease , and if they had all these, they were killed, he survive because he was strong, and very healty.

Then in the concentration camp they were torturated.

When they were transladated to the other campo was like the other one, in a small train where all the people died, and he did more or less the same that him.

In my opinion i think that was very hard all the things that they told us, i don’t know how people can do this to others…

Hello Nines:
This is very sad, because genocide it’s one of the worst problems in the world and people musn’t suffer it. Nobody can imagine how pain, how sorrow…that people felt when they were there.
So, this is our opinion: men told us their experiences. One of them was a child and the other was 22 years old. They are two persons who told us how much suffer they felt. There are no words to explain this.

hello nines!
last wednesday two men told us his lifes. They are
survives becuase they lived the worst history because they were punish jewish by the german system.

Jaim lived working in a mine and he saw killed a lot of friends. he was 23 years old

the other man he was 7 years old he had much lucky because he was a children and germany killed children.

I surprise because this man haven´t germany and they are very cultured when I told his history it seems like a film.

In my talk I found very moving because it is not so much as evil can be in the world … but I also think that no strong believe in God because they have survived and God has alo been better if it was because they lived so much pain Life wanted to happen .. but I hope that some day will pay for all the damage they did aesos poor children in their time they were not guilty of anything … It’s a story that nobody in life but it deserves I hope that life will delete those bad moments

good to me very surprised and moved me all that counted, as were the prisoners, all of them did suffer and q mas me as surprisingly survived

They said they do not believe in god because they said they had no mercy when it happened but I think that if it was so alive and it should thank God that they do not believe in that in my view .. ……

I hope that what happened to them now is not repeated
It is a shame for all that it took ……. truly admire those times exceeded by as …….but at the same time not estopy not agree with his belief in God

It was very emotional because they was a little bit of survivors, and is a very pleasure listen at this men. Thank you very much, judes!!!

It was a very interesting thing.They told us how they lived in the concetration camp.
They said that when they arrived to the concentration camp the german killed a lot of people that came with them before germans sent them to work and live in the camp.
Germans made them work in the mines and in the countries.
They told us that there was so much hungry that the people in the camp fought for bread and sometimes they killed each other.

It was a very important thing for me because I wanted to know how the life was in the camps and I wanted to heard what the survivors have to tell about it and wath they tought about

Well, they told us about their lives in Mauthausen ans Sigfried explained to us that he had survived becuase he looked very German: blond hair, blue eyes and he was a child.

Because of this, the SS took care a bit of him and helped him but not much. When they told us that they were transported in a train without roof and about 160 people per wagon I was shocked. But then he told us, at the end of the journey he was on a heap of corpses, that was so wuooo… so sad and terrible.

Then, Sig told us that a Spanish football player take care of him and Sig said he was a man thanks to him. This point of the talk was emmotive and he couldn’t avoid feeling sad.

That’s all we want to remember. The shockest thing for us was about the train of corpses. We felt very sad all the talk and we thought about the crazy ideas, we must prevent it from repeating itself

the 28th of january, two jewish men came to our school to talk to us about the holocaust.
they told how the germans selected the people before sent them to the concentration camps, the german people killed all the people who were ill.
in the concetration camps, the germans made jewish people and other people, who were enemy of the germans, work that not carried to anything.
them told about their lifes in the camps, about their suffering, how the people were killed by the germans.
after told that to us they told how they lived after the liberation of the camps

It was a very interesting thing.They told us how they lived in the concetration camp.
They said that when they arrived to the concentration camp Germans killed a lot of people that came with them before Germans sent them to work and live in the camp.
Germans made them work in the mines and in the countries.
They told us that there was so much hungry that the people in the camp fought for bread and sometimes they killed each other.

It was a very important thing for me because I wanted to know how the life was in the camps and I wanted to heard what the survivors have to tell about it and what they thought about the actual world.

Well, I am going to tell you about the holocaust survivors speech:
First the two survivors introduced theirselves. They talked about their experiences and the said that they was jewels, but now they are atheistics because they think that it is imposible to believe in God if Hitler could do a big genocide. They were in a diferent concetration camp. I think that they lived in a nightmare, but it didn´t seem; the oldest man looked very happy and the other one wasn´t sad (the oldest man was over eighty years old and the other one was in his sixties) Furthermore they could smile. It was great! I couldn´t imagine that these men could do this! Next the oldest man related his story:
Sixty years ago the nazis catched him. First they asked if he has ever been ill; he said `no, Í haven´t´. He could saved his life with this answer. The people that said`Yes I have´ because they tought that they would have a preferential treatment, but they were assassinated. Then the nazis put him with a lot of people in a small wagon. They traveled to a concentration camp. Next the nazis forced them to carry rocks go and back. The man said that this job was frustrating because it didn´t have neither begginig nor end and they had to do it for select the strongest people. Next the survivors had to carry the nazis´ bagagge in the paths wich were plenty of snow. What´s more the people who stopfor urinate or do something like this, were assassinated. So they had to wet oneself. Finally… I can´t remember any more. I think that he didn´t said anymore. However I felt strange. I didn´t know if I was happy because he was alive or I was sad or angry or…. I don´t know. I can´t explain my feelings but this speech gave me goose pimples.

(Nines, I´ll send you this coment because I think that I haven´t got enough time to write all that I want. I´ll sent you the rest of the story)

Second part:
The other man who called Siegfried Meir told us his story too. In my opinion this story is more interesting that the other one. What’s more he said that he has written a book with a friend and I asked for book’s title. It name is Fils du brouillard that it means “Fog’s sons”. I am really keen on his life because it seems to me that it is a tale. I am sure that I’ll read this book and I’ll enjoy it. Here is part of his life:
Nazis cached him and his family when he was so young. I don’t remember clearly but I think that he was nine. When it happened he was with his parents but they were assassinated. He was a young clever boy in an incomprehensible world. After that he travelled in a similar wagon as the oldest man’s wagon. Next all the prisoners arrived to the concentration camp. The Nazis used to shave heads and crop all the hair in prisoners’ bodies. This part it is so funny because Siegfried had long fair hair and he didn’t want to be shaving. He shouted a lot and one of the captains of the concentration camp heard him. He arrived to Siegfried; Mr. Meir thought that it was the end of his life but this captain burst out laughing because the child who was is front of him had blue eyes and he was blond. Then Siegfried lived with women in the concentration camp. He was very clever and the women used to help him. When he was about ten he moved to man’s shacks because he was too old to live with women. These shacks were guarded by an homosexual Nazi. This man used to drink like a fish and became drunk. He used to come to men’s shacks area at nights and then he used to shout `Where is the blond nice boy?!´ or something similar. Anyway men used to help him too. I think he is such a lucky man: he didn’t have a lot of hunger, he didn’t have a lot of cold, he didn’t work a lot, etc. And now he is alive. However he can’t hear German without to be moved.
This was the second story. Finally I would like to tell you about something that it was… erm… funny!!! No, it can’t be funny. I am going to explain it. Siegfried had such a strong bitterness that it was to hear German… and the oldest man was determined to speak this language. I think it was funny: a man was talking, laughing and very proud of his knowledge of German while the other man was crying.
Finally I am going to write something about my feelings. At the begging of the speech I felt excited because I believed that these men were aliens or character of a tale or something similar but I can realized that they were two men who carried a lot of years and fascinating experiences. At the end of the speech I felt… How can I say it? I felt well… I don’t know why, but I felt good.


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