5th ACTIVITY. Barack Obama

Posted on: noviembre 8, 2008


Below you have Obama´s speech on victory. First you should watch it in English to see how much of it you can understand. If you find it too difficult go to the other link where you have it with subtitles in Spanish. I would like you to comment on anything you prefer, you can comment on the speech, on Obama himself or give your opinion about the result of the election.

Victory speech with subtitles in Spanish

Obama speaks Spanish


16 comentarios to "5th ACTIVITY. Barack Obama"

First of all he wanted to thanks all people that believed in him and thought that their voices could be the difference in the Election. Later he speak about the USA like a group, not a collection of individuals and he said all kind of people are the same. He said too he had received a call from McCain saying that he’d worked harder than never for the country he loves. Obama congratulates McCain and Palin for all that they’ve retreived and he looks forward to work with them. He spoke about the people that had support him his wife, his daughters, his grandmother (he missed her), his borthers and sisters, his campaign manager (for the best campaign ever). He affirmed that the victory belongs to the people who had voted him, to the young people who works in job with a little payment and less sleep. He spoke about the changes that he’ll do in the future. He needs the help of the crowd to do his job well, he will defeat the people who wants to come the world down (whow, he’s saying a lot of things!). he count the story about the women with 106 years old that voted to him. he spoke about what she had seen, the man on the moon, the fall of the Berlin Wall and he said too that she couldn’t vote at the begining because of two reasons, because she was a woman and because her skin’s colour.
Finally, to sum up, he close his speech saying this woman have seen America’s changes and asking about the changes that their childrens will see if they lived the same that this woman, but now it’s the time of change and Yes, they can! (He said this a several times…)

Personally I think Obama is a good person and I hope he can change something overthere, in USA, to make a better world.

That’s all I can say about his speech, well… not at all but it’s too long to write everything…

At firts of the speech Obamas speaks about what is The United States of America.Later he congratulates McCain for his campaign and says that McCain has worked hard for the country that he loves.Then He speaks about the people that have supported him in the campaing.
At the end he tells a story about a woman who has lived 106 years and speaks about the change of america.

Personally, I think Obama is a great person, intelligent,very patriot(“God Bless America”)and he will be a great president.

I think that the best sentence of the speech is:”We are and always will be THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”

I understood the text more or less, but I had to see it with subtitles to understand it all.
I agree with what Obama said that the United States to be united, but I don’t think he wouldn’t change many things that he promised because he’s a politician.

November, 4. Chicago.
American people have got the power of democracy. They have never been just a collection of individuals or a collection of Red States and Blue States, they are, and they will be the USA. Obama congratulated Senator McCain and Governor Palin and he was grateful for Joe Biden (the Vice President-elect of the USA) and Michelle Obama (his wife) too. He was really grateful with all his family and their workmates. The victory of Obama is of all the people who helped to win it. Then he talked about global disasters, but he promised that they can change it. Then he said that an old woman from Atlanta voted him, she is 106 years old! Next he talked about New Deal, the saved of democracy, the man on the moon, the fall of wall of Berlin, science, imagination… He said at the end of a message “Yes we can”.

4th November 2008, Chicago.

Obama tell everyone thanks for their votes,someone waited three or four hours for vote. He said that the changes in the end has come. Obama wanted to true to his “friend” that she didn’t stay there if she hadn’t stayed there for 16 years. Obama true to his 2 daughters that he love them a more than they imagine. Obama said that the victory is of the americans persons. He said that the way what they have to do is too dificult but in the end they’ll get it. He said in the final of the video that they can change a lot of bad things.

obama thanks them for their people by reliance on .. and they said that everything changed apastir now .. because that will never change about what other presidents had done before .. talk about how important it is to his family especially his daughters that want a lot .. everything will change for a total Haig bye nines

I think that It´s a very good speech because he didn’t forget anything. He talk about the economy, the war, the pollution…
He say that they need to change the country to make it better and he will be honest and he will hear what want the people say. He will support the people who want peace and security and he will defeat the people who want to take down the world. He say that the power of the nation isn´t in his economy or their military power, It´s in their ideas: democracy, liberty, opportunity and a unflinching hope.

I have listened without subtitles. I understand that all are equal Republicans, Democrats, whites, blacks, rich, poor… That he has been chosen is a response to the anwer of the people, that America can change, that McCain promised things that aren’t true but he has been happy to work with him. He spoke about a man called John, I think, and he thanks him, and he thanks also to his wife, first lady, his best friend for 16 years and his family, David the director of his campaign, and someone who is like a father to him. He also spoke about his promises: homes for young people and aid, he said that the government is for people, that the government’ll make more colleges, that the can progress, done anything taht they are going to be close to the people, that America can change, taht they will give more opportunity for women, that the government will be responsible, and, ultimately, America can with everything.

Frankly, I dont like politics, and I don’t understand why we give so much power to America, but it was enough that Sarah Pallin hasn’t been chosen. I would have to she had no more power.

according to what little understanding obama gave thanks to his family in general and thanked the people who trusted him, which promises a change for the United States because we are all equal … also talking about creating more schools and there will be work for women.

does not understand anything else ………


The video is very difficult to undertand, because I don’t listen more :/
but, I’ve listened both videos.

Barak Obama speak about his proposals to the America.
I think that this proposals are a change to america, because he people will can more opportunities now and He can get equality to all people of America (back & white people; latin american & north american; etc)

I don’t like more John McCain, because I think he isn’t consistent with this ideas. Maybe I have a wrong idea, but in this moment I pefer Obama.

I don’t know to say more :/:/


We have listened it With subtitles.

At the first Obama said that he wants to make real all the dreams of American people.

He wishes the best to McCain, and he sais too that they will work together in all the posible things.

He says that anything could be possible without his wife, daugther, sisters , and his grandmum thatt is died, an his sponsor , and he says that he will have a dog xD

He says that the victory is of the people has given his vote to him.

He really think that he can change america and all the bad thing that are happen on it.

Respect to the wars he is goint to abolish the wars.


Ana–> He is boring, he always says the same things , anything is goint to change in spain with him so…. it’s the same for me (m da =)

RaQeL–> I’m not interesting on politics

ehh…it’s too much for me…I try again later ^^U

The beginning I listened without subtitles but the end with subtitles because I don’t understand it very well.
Obama said that all things are posible in America. These elections are the response of rich and poor persons, young and elders, democrats and republicans, etc. He said the change has come to America. He congratulates McCain, Pailin, Joe Biden, Michelle Obama his wife, Sasha and Malia his daugthers, Maya y Auma his sisters, David Plouffe and David Axelrod. When he began he wasn’t the best candidate and he hadn’t money, but people gave it. America is in a very difficult moment because there are two wars, a planet in danger and the worst financial crisis.
Obama said all people can vote because Ann Nixon Cooper, a woman who is 106 years old went to a school for vote and along her life she said yes we and she knows that America can change.

im trying if i can post today xD

Very very convincing, because he does not talk about his self but of Americ in general. A bit long, but he is comming to be the best president of the USA.


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