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Posted on: octubre 25, 2008

Choose one of the VIDEO and AUDIO news on BBC News BULLETIN. Write a few lines telling what the news is about.



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Wuoa! It’s hard to understand but I’ll try…
The world most dangerous waters are near Somalia. There so far this year more than 30 ships have been kidnapped by Somalia pirates and some shiping companies are going to extend 3 weeks the journey only for not pass that place.
The next thing that I can understand it’s that the ships carry clothes, food, electronics, fuel, etc. and they are very important to our economy because almost everything is carring above the sea. To avoid the gulf one option is to get more warships but until the pirates… do something…. they continue keeping this world tribute.
That’s all that I could understand

Syria has accused the US of “terrorist aggression” over what it says was a raid that killed eight civilians its territory.
U.S. soldiers attacked a small town and the civilicians tried to fleed.

I think that the videos of the 2nd activity are too bored to do the exercise. I’ve chosen other video. You can see it if you go to youtube and looked up the name of the video in the searcher. The video’s name is Emilie Autumn – Crafters coast to coast.
This video is an interview of Emilie Autumn. The title could be How to make a fairy wings.
The programme starts with a little introduction of itself. Then the reported (who is in the street) introduce herself; she said “I’m Angela Martinez and welcome to the Crafters Coast to Coast” and she is going to show us Crafters and their different ways to express their self. Furthermore, we can learn colourful ways to make a costume.
Next, Emilie Autumn said “Hi! I’m Emilie Autumn!” She’s from Chicago and she’s a fairy. Now, she’s going to show us her home… and how to be a fairy too. (I can’t understand anything after that because the music it’s too high). She has got a lot of fairy wings in her house… good fairy wings are the best way to be a fairy. Then, she starts to make a fairy wing: First, we must bend the wire. We can choose the form. Second, she twists the end of the wire. Now we’ve got one fairy wing, but if we want to be a fairy, we need four wings. Third, she covers the wire with a nylon panty and she adeshs with a tape adhesive together. The previous it can be a bit bored, but the next part it’s too funny to Emilie because she’s going to burn fairy wings with a little spark of incense. Before that, she advises us that we must be very carefully with the nylon. Next she said “Now it’s time to draw a design!” and the she said “Now it’s time to paint it” She use acrylic paint. While she’s painting she shows us all her fairy wings. What’s more she names all of her wings. Suddenly, her dog appears and she said “My dog is a fairy!” “She’s a fairy dog!”
Anyway Emilie Autumn is a musician, she sings; and she’s a violinist, she plays the violin. Fourth, she decorates her fairy wings with a lot of glitter and diamonds. She sticks the diamonds with hot glue. Then she puts and adeshs four or five ribbons around the end. It´s for put the fairy wings on your back. Finally, she puts flowers and butterflies on her fairy wings. In the end of the first part of the interview she’s going for a walk with her dog… and her fairy wings.
You could think that she’s mad, but she’s a musician and all the musicians are crazy, isn’t it? However, she lives in a fairy tale…

I don’t undestand anything. John McCain ant the Palin double don’t speak very good, well that is what I think.
In the video McCain greets his followers Americans, he says that a Wednesday Obama was in the mail networks, but he is only in the QBC (I don’t know the QBC), and he says that Obama was in the mail networks with public money. He was with Palin double in a NBC’s program called Saturday Night Live, “promoting knives of John McCain”.
Really, I don’t understand anything, but I think that they said that.
See you!

Hamilton wins F1 champion crown.
Is very fast, but i think that the journalist say the story of Hamilton until he won the Brazilian grand Prix of F1, and the coments of Masa after he was lost the F1 chmpion crown.


Nines, I looked for a interesting new in “BBC news”, but all are about “USA elections”…
So, I looked for a new different in this WEB.

Keanu Reeves was denounced for a photographer. He claimed the actor hitting his car and causing him to fall and his left wrist twisted – The photographer had asked the jury to award damages of $711,974 (£453,500) -, but the jury rejects his claims, because Silva (the photographer), gave contradictory statements about what happened.

The film star of “Matrix”, who was also in the courthouse, declined to comment.


Hello Nines!!!!

The exercise is very difficult. I single understand what Obama was the first president African in won the general election.Also understand what is a great campaign.

It’s hard understand but I tried it .. I listen and saw it twice.
The video speaks about a crisis in the Democratic Republec of Congo. One of the interviewed said that their family was in his house and they run out because people start shot and his sons saw two dies and his son was shot too. Some of them try to ampute their owns arms. A lot of people leave their houses for save their lifes.

Video: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/in_depth/7707114.stm

Hello Nines. I have chosen a news called:”Blasts in Baghdad kill dozens”.
It is very diffi¡cult to understand it but I have tried it.
This news is about a terrorist attack that has killed twenty-eigth people.It was the morning in Baghdad and hundreds of people were going to his work,some of them carrying school girls,when two car bomb exploted and another explosive artefact exploted too,killing twenty-eigth people.There was only a few minutes between the explosions.



I do not understand much English is not good if you will be

the news that a large rock that fell about a height of more than 60 meters in the garden of a woman named Lucy them tells us that about 4 in the morning we heard a strong noise making escape rapidly rising …. then to go out into the garden saw that it was a rock that had pierced his house

I don’t anything about the notice. I watching the images and I reading the titule I think that the video speak about the congo reveal that they going to armed and they try survive in their country. I don’t know if appear this in the notice but I believe that if.
I don’t understand anymore.

hello nines!!
I think to understand that the video speak about people colombians that they are protesting in a manifestation. Also I see that there is policeman and it formed one fight. That is all I can say it.

I´m not sure but I think they talk about the recession of the economy in Europe countries

Hello sincerely do not find out very much I have seen the video 3 times and find out very little for that he speaks very rapidly but so some kind of entendi that was treating itself on the economy of some countries since francia alemania españa it is quite it q podria to say.

It’s difficult to undestand…because in this pc the sound it’s a bit strange an loud >_< I listened “Iraq security pact approved” and there was many war and many bad things…when i’ll be in my house, i try to listen again.

Hello. I don’t understand some things because she speaks very fast. She says that sixty whales come to a beach in Tasmania. Eleven survived but the others died. The volunteers helped to the whales to come to the sea and they put a satellite tracking in some whales for know where are the whales all the time.


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