Ready for the 1st activity? (1ºA Bachillerato)

Posted on: octubre 13, 2008

You have to click on Ampliación de inglés : “LEARNING A LANGUAGE”. Listen to it without looking at the text to see if you can understand it .When you finish, go to” WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO LEARN A LANGUAGE”? Do the exercise and then tell me what you do to learn English.

Hope you have a good time.


18 comentarios to "Ready for the 1st activity? (1ºA Bachillerato)"

Hi Nines!! I post here ‘cause is the last post U had written! (Question: what is the thing we must listen?)
I have just seen a video (funny video LoL) and, I thing U can add to Ur blog! It’s about “the worst movie scenes ever” and so so funny!! I think that we saw a funny video last time, U can show this to class (It’s in english)
See the video first…maybe U dont like it, but I laught a lot every time I see it!! CU!!

Nines, I didn´t find “What is the best way to learn a language?” I saw the video las weekend and I don´t remember it very well. However, I remember that the women said that she knew four languages. She said that she thought that the environment was too important for learning a language too. I agree with her opinion because if you live in a country with a lot of people who know different languages like English, German, French, Italian, even Japanese I am sure that you will learn more than one language. On the other hand, I think that the interests of each person are too important; if you don´t like learning a language, you won´t learn it.

I put correct 3 of 3, I think that the best form to learn English is propose it, I think that listen music in english help you a lot to the pronunciation and the listening. If you practise english with another partners, listen and try to compress and speak in english help you a lot to learn English.

I think the best way to learn a languaje is go to a country that the people speak this languaje because if you don’t speak in their languaje they don’t understand you.
I think other way is study very much and go to an academy.

Hello Nines!

I think that the best way to learn English is travel to a country of the English language and and be there for six months or a year, get a job there and talk to the people of that country too. Also, you could hear many songs in English, study English at an academy and read books in English.

To learn English, I would do that, but now I only listen to songs in English, attends English classes at the institute and do my homework. I want to go to United Kingdom to learn English.

Good Bye.
Have a nice day.

Weel, finally I did it! I can’t understand all but almost…
I think that the best way to learn English is practising a lot and hearing British people talking but what I do is hear a lot of music in English and go to an academy where I practise my pronunciation.
See ya!

Hi,… My first impression of that exercise, is normal, because for my, is very “principal”. NOthing more…

I think that the best way to learn english is practising a lot everyday and with calm, listening music or traveling to anothers countries helps too with the pronunciation.

Another way to learn english is in a academy, where you could lear a lot of vocabulary, gramatical thing etc…



Hello! ^^

I think that the best way to learn a language is travel to a country that the people speak this language, because if you don’t speak this language more, you’d practise.

I learn english when I read book or thinks in english, in class, listen songs in english or other languajes (Ex: italian) or when I speak with my cousin from Australia.

Hi Nines!!I can,t understand very much.Speak English with other people is very important because you learn a lot of.Also i do is hear music in my academy and i practise my vocabulary.
Speak and hear English is very important.

Bye Bye………………

I think that if you want learnt English, you must study grammar and vocabulary but you must practice and listen to English in the music or movie, because it can help you. I have friends and they travel England they learnt a lot of English but you don’t go England you can go to academy where you spoke English.

Hello Nines. At the end I have done it.
I have understood almost everything.I think that the best
way to learn English is going to an academy,speaking English
with everybody you can,watching and hearing films or tv programs in English,listening to music in English and if you can, going to a Foreign country where the people of that country speak English,but the most important think to learn a language is want to learn it, because if you don’t want it you will never learn it.
Good Bye

About the video I don’t understand much but with the text of down I understand some more. In my opinion the best way to learn a language would be to speak much the language to learn more. Also would be good listening to music and people speaking english for pronunciation and understand better.

hello nines
I do not understand much English but my sister helps in what she can and now it has helped me write this.
I do not know much but I think it helps them learn to listen to the music in English and practice but I though I try not learn much. ……………

hello nines!!
I think that the best way to learn english is practice much and watching tv. Also I think that speaking much with the people is very good. I think that because I had that I learn a language. I believe that I make it good but I don`t know many english.

well, I can understand a lot of things that they say but there are something that I can´t understand
I think the best way to learn a language is go to a country where they speak that language and practice it every day

i think the best activity for learn a languaje is speak it and trying to writte it a lot.


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